Gerry J. Kleinpenning

Gerry J. Kleinpenning

Software developer with a strong interest in optimizing  business processes. Specialized in developing industry-specific software using Delphi and Free Pascal / Lazarus. 
Extensive experience in designing databases with a preference for Firebird SQL and SQLite.

Gerry J. Kleinpenning
Casenso Consultancy

Casenso Consultancy

Software Developer (Delphi) / Business Process Analyst
2006 - Present 

Casenso can optimize your processes and consequently reduce waste, improve quality and safety, decrease lead time and costs, and increase your financial results.  

S&G Asset Management

Software Developer (Delphi) / Data Analyst
2004 - 2006 (3 years)

S & G specializes in strategic asset management based on life cycle costing techniques with over 30 years of global experience in capital-intensive business sectors.

SG Asset Management
Diverse Werkgevers

Various Employers (among others, Kley and Planon)

Software Developer (Basic / DataFlex / Delphi / Pascal)
1984 - 2004 (21 years)

Industry-specific software solutions for mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (accountants, breweries, facility management, painters, cattle traders, etc.).

Education & Training

Certified Lean Practitioner
Multi Tier Development